As the leaves start changing colors, you know that means pumpkin muffins, apple cider, photoshoots in the mountains, and pulling out those plaid sweaters. But just as you are starting to prepare for the colder weather, so should your rental property. Evermark, Utah’s best property management company, takes all these factors into account and help you feel at peace with your property investment. Take the time to winterize your rentals now and it will end up saving you time and money when spring comes around. Here are some basic fall maintenance tips that will be worth your time.

1. Gutters

  • Clean out all the leaves in the rain gutter

  • Repair any leaks or cracks

  • Make sure the water is draining away from the house and won’t cause any flooding

2. Furnace

  • Make sure that the furnace is turned on and kept to at least 60 degrees F at all times to prevent frozen pipes

  • Change the air filter

3. Trim tree branches

  • Cut any potentially dangerous branches that could break form wind storms or the weight of snow

  • Any tree branches hanging over the building can cause damage if the weather acts up

4. Sprinklers

  • Drain and clean out the sprinkler system

  • Drain any other outdoor pipes

5. Inspect AC SysteM

  • Inspect your air-conditioning system to make sure they are running correctly.

  • Drain and remove the AC unit if in the window

  • If in the wall, drain, keep the snow off, and cover with insulation

6. Arrange Snow-Removal

  • Plan for the future and have a system as to how you will shovel snow or hire a vendor

7. Test Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detector

  • Now is a good time to check that there are batteries in the smoke alarms and co2 detectors and are activated

8. Install storm windows and doors

  • Replace the screens with a storm window that will add extra insulation to keep he warmth inside

9. Weather-stripping and Caulking

  • Fix those doors or windows that don’t quite fit in their frames, and quit that chilly draft from coming in. Cut the stripping to fit the size of the gap and attach to the frame.

10. Chimney

  • Clean out the chimney if you have a wood-burning fireplace and inspect for any signs of damage or blockage

Evermark Property Solutions has 20 years of experience knowing how to efficiently run your rental property. As the best Utah Property management company, we would prepare your rental property for the winter while you can sill enjoy the autumn weather hassel-free. If you have any questions, please contact us today at (385) 388-9080.

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